Chennai Metro Service starts today. The minimum fare is fixed as Rs.10 and the maximum fare is Rs.40. Special class tickets are twice the normal rates. Below given chart lists the tariff and timing schedule for trains. The total run time one way is just 19mins.

Chennai Metro Fares & Train Timings

Here are some simplified steps to be followed to get your Health Insurance claim approved immediately.

Health Insurance

Do not Hide Details

  • Most people do not know what details and documents to be furnished while enrolling for a Health Insurance. If one had suffered from any disease or injury and is now cured, they would have to submit the medical report and doctors prescriptions along with the application.
  • One should give complete details of their disease and injuries. Most people hide information to avoid increase in premium to be paid. But they fail to understand that furnishing complete details helps easy approval of Claim requests.
  • If you are opting for a floater insurance policy rather than individual policy, you need to furnish all the details individually for every family member of yours.

Body Mass Index

  • When enrolling for Health insurance there exists a column to enter one’s Body Mass Index (BMI) – a measure of body fat based on height and weight.
  • If one is overweight compared to his height, his premium will be higher. Because overweight results in excess body sugar and that results in high blood pressure and associated heart related ailments.
  • If one tries to enter a reduced weight and if the Insurance Company finds it out, the whole policy becomes invalid.

Choice of Insurance Companies

  • General Insurance Companies do not give competitive claims when compared to Health Insurance Companies. For e.g. in some Health Insurance given by General Insurance Companies, there is no claim for Ambulance charges, Doctor Fees, Specialist Charges, Room charges.
  • Moreover Health Insurance Companies, work specifically on this domain and keeps introducing new plans and features based on consumer preference. One cannot expect the same from General Insurance Companies.

Multiple Health Insurance Policies

  • If one takes a second Health Insurance Policy in his name, he needs to inform about the existing policy to the second Insurance Company.
  • But there always will be a confusion between Insurance Companies on who should pay and what percentage of claim they should pay, if one has two or more policies.
  • So it is always advised to have one individual policy and one floater policy.


  • Always keep a check on if there is any co-payment to be made. Many insurance policies want the insurer to pay 10-20% of the medical expenses. Only the remaining can be claimed.
  • In case of elderly people, enquire and keep updated on how the co-payment is calculated.

Claim Details

  • Make sure what kind of treatments are insured and can be claimed.
  • Also make note of the waiting period after which one can submit a claim request. This varies with Insurance Companies.


  • Normally there will be no claim for Diabetes related treatments.
  • If any policies states diabetes is covered, then make clear understanding of the claim restriction and amounts.
  • It is advised for diabetes patients to opt for Diabetes specific Health Insurance. This covers all that is related to diabetes and also the diseases that arises out of diabetes.

Where to get the treatment

  • It is advised to take treatments in Insurance company’s network hospitals.
  • This helps in cashless treatments, instead of waiting for claim amount after paying for the treatment.

Passing of Information to Insurance Companies

  • If it’s a preplanned treatment, it is advised to inform the Insurance Companies 72hrs prior to the treatment. Else the Insurance Companies has the right to reject such claims.
  • Keep yourself updated on new changes in policy terms and conditions if any.