Well guess I have got one new example, for my book, to explain how migration to cloud computing environment would prove to be of great risk when its not planned or implemented properly. And here the super power and one of the prolific and safest defense system in the world fumbles in its process of implementing cloud. Here is the story.


The US Inspector General has submitted a report which states – “It’s one thing to have a plan. It’s another to carry it out” regarding the execution of the defense department’s Cloud Computing Strategy. The cloud computing strategy referred and quoted (refer linked file), was framed in July 2012, in an effort to explore and utilize the potential benefits and cost savings in cloud computing.

But the DOD IG Audit, clearly depicts and slams that Pentagon policy makers and officials did not fully follow or execute numerous elements or conditions listed as a part of the strategy. The main failure as studied by the Inspector General and dictated in his report is, the DOD’s Chief Information Officer, did not develop and implementation plan that assigned roles and responsibilities as well as associated tasks, resources and milestones.”

The IG also clearly states that the DOD failed to fully train or develop skills to plan or recruit experts who could recommend and procure cloud computing services and developing cloud service broker management capabilities. DOD components including the US Army also has failed to obtain proper waivers to use non-DOD approved cloud service providers.

I wonder in what stage and mindset they have took this risk. As non-DOD approved cloud providers can be a serious issues, as this might put the highly sensitive data at increased risk to adversaries. Also as the Audit report clearly states, DOD cannot fully realize the potentials like cost savings, increased mission effectiveness, increased cyber security due to their fall back in implementation procedures.

The DOD IG’s audit also examined three cloud computing contracts held by DOD agencies in which the cloud provider hadn’t obtained a DOD provisional authorization or been granted a cloud computing waiver from the Global Information Grid, or GIG. DOD authorization certifies cyber security requirements at given impact levels have been met.

The confusion is concerning, and it raises red flags for how DOD components handle cloud computing contracts. There’s also a question of fairness. Cloud service providers must invest hundreds of thousands of dollars – in some cases, millions – as well as significant time to ensure they comply with DOD’s rigorous security requirements.  Whether and how select vendors may be given a shortcut on these security processes screams in the face of an even playing field, and likely leads to increased risk to DOD systems.

Google has always boasted itself as a company which invents things. But when you try to understand what they do, you can very well read it loudly that Google has always been a follower in many of their applications and platforms. Only thing they did is they tried to input more functionality into the applications they provide.

For me Google has always been a failure when it comes to creating a brand name (apart from their search engine Google). Main reason, they talk high about any product they introduce but over the years they don’t try to update on the product but just shut it down and comes up with another product which has same features of the old one plus some add-ons. The list of products or applications being shut down by Google will be high when compared to any other companies around the world (right from labs till orkut).

Having always admired Google for the way they launch their product, I always give a thumbs down when it comes to the functionality of their product except for the search engine (which too has flaws in it). Any user would be interested in an application which is simple, fast, easy to download, easy to update, secure and most important free. Of these I would vote for Google only for the last point FREE. In all other cases it fails these days to an extent that user started switching over to different platforms and service providers. I have done a simple analysis of working of Google Chrome application they boast about.

Google Chrome


Chrome advertises itself to be the fastest, lightest and secure browsing platform (web browser). How fast is chrome and how light it is. Let’s analyze. I have did the analysis on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 (Technical Preview). Screen shots given are from Windows 7 Operating system.

  • Chrome when opened, gives four plus (4+) entries on task manager of windows. As you can see the browser is without any history, zero bookmarks, zero extensions or apps installed, but the number of iterations in the task manager for chrome is four. Means with no other applications opened in windows, Chrome alone occupies over 60% of the CPU and over 40% of the physical memory.


  • The size of Google Chrome folder in windows program files is a whopping 303MB against just 26MB of IE-11. If Google comes with an explanation of browser cache must have that much size. I am sorry Google, the cache of Google Chrome is stored in user profiles folder and that adds to additional size. And they claim Chrome is the lightest browser.chrome3




  • Chrome claims to be fast. My foot. These days chrome has been clogged to hell and every new page needs a minimum of ten seconds wait time to get the first load. Below is the screenshot. I have logged out of Facebook.com and tried visiting Cricinfo.com and guess what even after pressing Go for Cricinfo.com; Chrome was still waiting for Facebook.com for a good 14secs, and then started loading the actual requested cricinfo.com. Means Chrome’s response time is pathetic.


Chrome slowing down the operating system, and chrome being slow in loading web pages is reported to Google, via their product forums by thousands of members. And guess what Google Employee came with a wonderful solution which is given below.


First the Google employee asks to check for any Malware content, OK agreed for that particular user. But for Google thinking Malware is the issue for over thousands who have raised the same issue is pathetic.

Second the employee agrees to the fact that there is a problems with bookmarks. For users with large number of bookmarks chromes new page load tends to be slow. As you can see above I had zero bookmarks and the bookmarks tab is not open and even then experiencing the same issue. Most important even if I agree for the fact of bookmark bar issue, the solution given is to move all bookmarks to a separate folder other than bookmarks bar. Then WHAT PURPOSE DOES THE BOOKMARK BAR SERVE? AND WHY DO YOU EVEN HAVE THAT OPTION.

The final solution given is way more pathetic and shows the immaturity in which Google handles its updates. No user even GOD cannot install a previous stable version of Chrome in his system. Chrome automatically updates itself to the latest available version. But what is more pathetic is Chrome updates are never stable as such. Every update of it is buggy and they post solutions with every further updates. Means their actual update itself is like a beta version, and beyond that they work on a separate beta version. As you could see the Google employee suggesting user to install and try the beta version. To my knowledge Google may be the only company who claim beta version to be stable when compared to their original full released version. Grow up Chrome Team. Trust me the above answer was selected as the best answer.

Most important Google also gave another work around – To delete the user profile and setup a new one. Even they wouldn’t know why they said so. They do claim that work around has solved the problem for few users. But what exactly is the actual solution? At times when Google or You Tube or any other Google related page fails to load, Chrome displays a message “Monkeys are at work to solve this issue”. And now I could understand why Google themselves claim and tag their employees as monkeys. Period.

Already I could see many users in the Google Product Forums, switching over to Internet explorer and Firefox, in the present quarter Androids market share in US has come down, Google Plus after its over hyped launch is no more good except for its Hangout feature (which could never over take Skype and with Skype releasing its translator version, Hangout sure will loose more of its users). So its time for Google to wake up and do some good work, before they loose themselves of their track like what Apple is doing these days. Both Google and Apple are in a period of coming down, with regards to the term innovation. And unless they analyze themselves they are bound to loose more in the coming days.

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Former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa is jailed in Bangalore’s Parappana Agrahara Central Jail after being convicted in the DA case. Will she be coming out in bail for Diwali is the only question and heated discussion running in the minds of ADMK supporters.


The case which was moving like a tortoise came to a halt on September 27th 2014 when Judge Michael D Cunha gave a stunning verdict against convicted Jayalalithaa, which included 4 years of imprisonment under one section and 6 months of imprisonment under another section (can be taken together so it’s a 4 years jail term) along with a fine amount of Rs. 100cr (if failed to pay will receive another one year of imprisonment).

The main evidence against Jayalalithaa in the DA case is the marriage she conducted for her Foster son Sudhakaran. The marriage was performed with such pomp and splendor that even Queen Victoria would have stunned. The then Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Jayalalithaa conducted this marriage in 1995. The extravaganza ceremony conducted on 08.09.1995 is still to be matched in the state.

I was 12 during the period of this ceremony and now when the case is closed with a superb judgment I’m in my 30’s. So one can imagine, many of the recent generation followers of ADMK would not have known about the gravity of that ceremony. The main aim of this post is to bring into light the atrocities and illegal use of position by the former Chief Minister Jayalalithaa.

Here I bring a file report on the particular marriage which was responsible for the whole of mankind to understand the real nature of the then Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Jayalalithaa.

  1. “No one has to worry or bother about how this ceremony is conducted. This marriage will be conducted like how a Chief Minister’s Son’s marriage would be conducted. No one has to discuss about it.” – This was the first statement issued by Jayalalithaa after the media reports about the extravaganza and money spent on this marriage
  2. Even the then ministers of ADMK cabinet were stunned when they listened to how this marriage should be conducted as dictated by Jayalalithaa.
  3. Keeping apart the extravaganza which could not be even dreamt off, one minister personally questioned if this kind of spending is actually required? And the reply he got from Jayalalithaa was simple – “Who could comment about this function. I am just bothered if you will be able to handle such function. Don’t think of this as a marriage, think of this as a party annual public meeting and start making the arrangements”. And then started the game…
  4. Stealing electricity from street mains, digging the whole stretch of road to install pandal and arches and banners, Donation collection, allotting battalions of police force for this private work. These are very few of how the ministers and the then Chief minister Jayalalithaa misused their office.
  5. 4th September 1995, Night 11:30pm Jayalalithaa left her Poes garden residence alone with just two cars to follow (without her close aide Sasikala). Did a round up towards Adyar Signal and then towards Marina Kannagi Statue. Verified and checked all the banners, arches and pandals erected and was happily satisfied.
  6. Then she made visit to MRC Nagar where the marriage is to happen. All ministers were in the place looking after the arrangements.
  7. She was there for full one hour. She was greeted by Mr. Ramamurthy Iyer a famous Hindu priest from Thirukaattupalli in Thanjavur District.
  8. The priest has brought with him gold plates which were kept for poojas and are ready to be installed in the main mandapam (where marriage takes place) region of the marriage ground.
  9. The gold plates along with navamanigal (includes the likes of Diamonds, pearls, rubies, emeralds etc) were buried in 8 places in 8 directions around the mandapam.
  10. The same was done all around the ground.
  11. MRC nagar where the marriage was supposed to happen is at the seashore. So Tamil Nadu police force where given the task of doing the night patrol in boats along the region to stop infiltrators.
  12. Many marriage halls all around Chennai was pre-booked for police personnel’s to stay. Now you can imagine the number of police personnel’s employed for this purpose. They were all being diverted from duties, from around the full state of Tamil Nadu.
  13. From inside of the marriage pandal, none could see the pandal or the materials used. The full interior was covered with plaster of paris and designed with intricate works.
  14. The main marriage mandapam was designed like a Durbar hall with all pillars fixed and designed with precious stones.
  15. Three bungalows were built inside the marriage pandal area (now imagine the area of marriage). One bungalow for Jayalalithaa, one for Sasikala and her family members and one for the girls’ family.
  16. The bungalows where given z grade security even before days of marriage employing the elite police personnel.
  17. Police has entered all houses in the MRC nagar area and have asked people to evacuate the home the marriage function is over. They were asked to stay in any lodge or hotel and then produce the bill to them and get a refund back. Those who refused were threatened.
  18. Remaining people staying in the area were given Identity cards. Only those with Identity cards can enter the area till the marriage was over. Even the family of former minister Alaghu Thirunavukarasu and family were issued with identity cards as they were staying there.
  19. All those who come for this marriage has to cross Chettinad vidhyashram school in the area. The school was supposed to have quarterly exams to be started from 11th of September 1995. But because of this arrangements and restrictions the school remained closed from 4th of September 1995.
  20. Over 40 trees in the marriage ground was cut off to create a separate VIP seating area.
  21. Education ministry came with an excellent idea of cheer girls. A notice was issued to all colleges in Tamil Nadu to send the good looking girls from their college to the marriage function. Those girls were given high quality silk saris and were paid over Rs. 10000/- per head for being the welcome committee for the function. Their main work is to guide the VIP’s to the respective area and make them get seated.
  22. Over 90% beauty parlors in and around Chennai was booked for the dates of 6th and 7th of September 1995 just for Sasikala’s family members to get done with their makeover.
  23. Ministers Kannappan, S.T.S and Senkottaiyan were given the task of collecting the gifts that would be given by supporters and guests during the function. All were asked not to bring any gifts to the function area. These gifts were diverted to the above ministers’ home. They were then to give the account of it to Jayalalithaa.

Here ends the Part I. This is just an introduction to how the arrangements were made. The main event, its aftermaths and effects will be described in further posts. This article is a reprisal of the original article posted in Vikatan.com in Tamil. For those who want to read this in Tamil please visit http://news.vikatan.com/article.php?module=news&aid=33473