Ever since I started shopping online, I was a bit averse to get inclined to Flipkart. I was always a fan of eBay and Amazon. But off late gave Flipkart a try and did many purchases of households and extravaganzas which include two laptops. Having not faced any problem with both the product and delivery I started gaining some trust on this company which supplies goods through its hidden partner / own company WS Retails.

I am not going to elaborate the incident. To keep it precise, I have ordered a laptop (second of its kind) by paying some extra for next day delivery. Got the product well in time and was happy with the delivery process. Opened, Installed and Bang the laptop charger started leaking some oil and the laptop was not getting charged. Not sure if it’s the laptop problem or the charger problem. But to speak technically if the charger was defective the battery and components of laptop sure had the effect of it.





  1. Raised a replacement request on 14th September 2014 04:30pm clearly stating the reason.
  2. Received a confirmation mail from Flipkart stating “We are processing your return request and will revert back to you by Monday, 15th September 2014 with final approval status. Screen shots of the mail are posted.
  3. Gave a call to Flipkart’s customer care by 10:30am 15th September to get know the status of the same. Executive started explaining me the 24hours response time. Spoke to the line supervisor about the same. They clearly stated they cannot connect me to back end team that works on the issue and I will receive a call back before end of day, as they are escalating the issue personally. (Call Duration 48mins)
  4. Haven’t received a call, gave a call to Flipkart’s CC again and the executive after receiving the details gave a reply asking me to call after half hour as their application is not working. (Call duration 6mins)
  5. Night 11:50pm again gave a call and spoke to executive, line supervisor, line manager all asking me to wait for 24 business hours which is roughly (8×3=24, so 3 business days). The line manager gave me an assurance I will get a call back by 9:00am 16th (Call duration 2hrs 18mins)
  6. No calls received till 9:50am and then gave a call to CC again, got transferred among three executives and two line managers, all giving me assurance that there will be a call back before end of day today. And the call is on hold, as I am typing this blog post. Call duration (1hr 15mins and still running on hold)

Thank you Flipkart for your customer service and replacement policy. I would recommend you to go learn replacement policy and customer service from Amazon your direct competitor. My questions are simple.

  1. An emergency order of high value product, why would I get a defective piece.
  2. I made a replacement request and Flipkart gave me a written deadline in email as 15th Why Flipkart has not called yet and why am I being pushed from one executive to other to explain the same story again.
  3. Are there no co-ordination between Flipkart Technical/Logistics and Customer service team?
  4. Who is going to pay for the loss of the customer, for the defective piece, for the mental harassment by Flipkart and its executives, the loss of customer’s time and also the customer’s money?
  5. Is Flipkart really a corporate or just cheating up on customers like masking themselves as a corporate? If corporate, I believe a written mail given as 15th September as deadline would have been taken care of.
  6. Every service company has a nodal officer or direct contact for complaints that are being neglected by CC, why is Flipkart not disclosing any other direct contacts other than the CC number.

Thanks for cheating me with a defective product. Thanks for cheating me with a deadline assured for 15th September. Thanks for cheating me with the assurance by your executives and line supervisors and line managers for a guaranteed call back. Thanks Flipkart once again for making me an idiot. And now as I am typing this, I am still on hold with the customer care listening to that ton-to-toin crappy music. Call duration 1hr 30mins and still running.

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Happy Blogiversary to Madraasi

Posted: September 13, 2014 by jailive in Uncategorized

Originally posted on Madraasi - a tamilian tales:

First Blogiversary

First Blogiversary

Even I forget the special thing today – It’s my first blogiversary. Thanks a lot to wordpress to remember me this day. A year back I have started to blog in wordpress the same, the correct word to say is not started forced to blog by my friend, well wisher and my everything. He too is blogging and you could check that @ jailiveand cook-o-mania.

For Instance I love swimming, but I never think of learning swimming, but there would be someone behind me who pushes me into the pool and finally I would swim on my own and come out. Likewise I was dragged to blog by my friend Ajay, no words for him at this time, Cause still this time blogging has been my healthy time pass and hopefully I could say that hereafter blogging would be my all time companion.

Next comes my…

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I have started working on publishing my new book on “cloud computing”. The main aim is to simplify this concept and make it reach the mass. Everybody has a different definition on cloud computing. So I would be targeting on the core to explain specifically what exactly does it stand for.


Will try and cover all topics related to the basics of cloud computing. I will be getting in detail about the related concepts of Big Data, SDN, iOT and others in my subsequent series. The first edition will be a limited edition in print and will be available as e-books on all available platforms for purchase. This book will be published before my participation in the next CloudExpo.

Anyone with firsthand knowledge on procedures of publishing do ping me.